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You asked Swastika Softech to name our five favorite SMS Marketing Service providers a few years ago we could’ve given you an answer immediately. These days putting together a list of the best of the best takes a good bit of research. Why? Because unlike a few years ago when there were only a handful of firms offering SMS marketing services, today there are hundreds of companies that can set your business up with a good text messaging platform. That’s not to say there are hundreds of great firms out there. Far, far from it. The vast majority of companies aren’t worth considering – but we’re not here to trash anyone – we’re here to help. The SMS Marketing business has grown big enough that it’s not too hard to pick a good firm to work with, but we’re not looking for the good firms – we’re looking for the best.

Technically, Swastika Softech is a leading Bulk SMS company, providing affordable Bulk SMS, Bulk Email, Voice SMS services to their clients. Nowadays we are living in a hi-tech world, our company uses power of internet and mobile marketing through Bulk SMS service, Bulk Email service and voice message to achieve the maximum traffic and potential costumer. We have approximately 13000 satisfied clients today, who are using our services to achieve maximum profit in their business.

Our company provides cost effective Bulk SMS Services. Our experts study your business before deliver solutions that can reap benefits in long run. Our team work hard to extent freedom of our clients. Our team has achieved impeccable reputation for providing high quality, instant and low-cost SMS delivery services.
Our motto, to give customer what they want at the moment they want it. We want to achieve customer satisfaction with long relationship. We respect your money and time. Our core value is integrity, customer satisfaction, quality, reliability and timely approach.
Swastikasoftech is an IT service providing company; our services provide flexible platform to you. SMS truly molds itself to whatever the needs of your business either a promotional message or a quick industry update. Our SMS services easily integrate with your other online marketing strategies. Innovation and creativity with your product is up to your rest. We provide timely and quality solution that’s why you will never regret to choose our services. Let us be your supporter in your business campaign.


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